Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by UberBert, Feb 1, 2003.

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    Im trusting u all know what Battlefield 1942 is, what do you guys think of that game? i personally love it, i think its a great i think it would be a good clan game for matches because it would allow u to make some pretty sweet tactics. Oh and im on a mod team for a new mod, based one the book The Bear and The Dragon, if anyone wants to help, we need mappers, modelers, and texturers :) if you want to u probably can, gotta see your work, but anywho who else likes the game?

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    Never tried it online, tho I imagine it would be fun, but I was sorely disappointed by how poor the single player game was.
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    yes, the single player isnt that much fun, but online is A LOT of fun. well when ur on a good server with good people. I think its one of the best fps online game. Who else thinks so?