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Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by _DM_, Apr 30, 2003.

  1. _DM_

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    Ok I just got this game, I installed it, and I downlaoded the 1.31 patch and installed it. Then I tried running the game and it works fine. But then when I load a game it loads but it hangs hald way!
    What should I do!!??
  2. Octopus

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    the game REQUIRES more than 512MB of ram...I know it says 256 but that is the recommended ram to run the game on low settings!
    I have the game in the corner once I get more ram I will start playing it.....I know it's crazy because we got ATi 9700pro...but the card is not enough.
    just run it in 800.600 mode and with 16bit and reduce the sound quality:) .
  3. ditchhopper

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    This game runs fine off of 512. Ive got it runnin on two different machines, both have 512m. One is running a radeon 7500 at 1024x768 the other a radeon 8500 at 1280x1024. Both run the game perfectly. If your playin a single player game at full res with 64 bots going, then yes the more memory the better. But it will still work. Lots of people have been having problems with this game though, and its usually sound related.

    Check your sound settings, if hardware acceleration is on, turn it off. If its off turn it on. Lower the sound settings. Check the bf1942 forums, this problem has been answered many times on there.

    Alot of people running fast machines have been crashing to the desktop. The only time it happened to me was when I used a no cd crack. If your using one get rid of it, they just cause problems with this game.

    Try reinstalling the game. Just be sure to delete the remaining BF1942 file from your program files and clean your registry before you reinstall. Reinstalling has also had its issues with this game.

    And last but not least, install in this order: bf1942- then RTR (if you have it)- then the 1.31 patch. Try it to make sure it works and then add any mods like Desert Combat last.
  4. bandworthy

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    I run the game smoothly on my rig with 512mb of ram and it runs just fine on my other pc with 256mb of ram infact most ppl playing bf1942 right now i can say are playing it with 256mb of ram. more likely you have a problem with a bug. but firstly make sure you look under EA games\battlefield 1942\mods\bf1942\settings

    open the videodefault.con (with notepad) and change the line

    renderer.allowAllRefreshRates 0 to

    renderer.allowAllRefreshRates 1

    if it is not already this can cause crashing on load but will also let you select your refresh rate with resolution in game increasing some fps.

    But there does seem to be a few ppl with a problem where the map loads 1/3 and then it crashs out. i would agree a reinstall will probably be needed and as said above take care to remove all traces of it since this game does have a problem with reinstalling over a corrupt installation. One thing though when you reinstall see if you have the problem without the 1.31 patch?. and yes install rtr (if you have it) before the 1.31 patch since rtr is version 1.25 from the cd and so you are updating both it and bf to 1.31.