battlefield 1942: road to rome

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by Vibe69, May 11, 2003.

  1. Vibe69

    Vibe69 Guest

    is it worth getting road to rome i got bf1942 runs pretty good i want to know if its worth getting road to rome
  2. DragonHeart

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    Road 2 Rome is defintly worth getting as its an excellent game, althou i tend to play Desert Combat Mod for BF1942 more cause the F-16 and Modern Weapons make it much more fun :)
  3. Vibe69

    Vibe69 Guest

    k thx
  4. LocKStocK

    LocKStocK Smokin & Jokin

    To me, The Road To Rome is there to con £20 out of you.
    I mean, all it is is a CD with about 5 maps and a couple more models on it.:huh:
    I think you should save your pennies for another day mate:)
    Get Secret Weapons when it comes out. I'm sure that will be well worth it.
    And yes Desert Combat is one of the best mods out there!!
  5. Gus K

    Gus K NTFS abuser

    Hmm, a conflict of opinions here. Road to Rome is a great add-on and the first thing you will notice is how much better the maps look. The visuals have been tweaked and it shows. Tried the Desert Combat Mod, at first it seemed cool, but it's long since been yanked from my system. The gameplay, physics, and weapons balance is totally unacceptable and sometimes just plain silly on most maps.
  6. ditchhopper

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    How long has it been since you played it? Version .35 just came out yesterday and is incredible. Yea there is, or was, some things that were less than perfect but come on this is an alpha that is being tweaked all the time. Its also free so I dont know how anyone can complain about it.

    Rtr was a total waste of money! I dont even play original BF1942 anymore since D.C. And the Forgotten Hope and Eve of Destruction mods look like they are going to be awesome as well. I wont be buying Secret Weapons either. Thats just EA trying to cash in on the success of all these other great mods.
  7. Vibe69

    Vibe69 Guest

    ill think about it