Battlefield 1942 1000x700 resoltion problem

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by _DM_, Apr 19, 2003.

  1. _DM_

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    Ok I dont have the full game, but I got the Multiplayer DEMO. How can I play on the 1000x700 (i think it was 1024x768) resolution? Cause whenever i try that resolution I get this error. I got a 15 inch monitor I can play games at 1024x768 except for this one. WHats the deal?
  2. Octopus

    Octopus Moderator

    what drivers are you using with your card?maybe 3.2 fixes this..the full version works fine with me..except the game requires more than 256mb to run at least with 30fps
  3. Yharn

    Yharn meh.

    Indiana, USA
    the demo is quite buggy from what i remember. you'd save yourself the trouble if you'd just go buy to full game.
  4. ditchhopper

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    The full game is actually quite buggy as well. The 1.31 patch has made life hell for alot of people. (not me though) 1.4 is on the way but to prevent cheating it will eliminate the use of any mod that isnt run server side. Many people are up in arms about this, but as long as I can play D.C. I could care less.