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    This is driving me NUTS!!! Hope somebody can help me with this cause I'm NOT paying Norton ANOTHER $30 just to fix this one "problem".

    Ok, having said that, for the last few months Norton AV 2002 has been popping up alerts in both my Win XP accounts that I have the "Bat.Deltree.Trojan" infected in my autoexec.bat file. The problem is that I do NOT have an autoexec.bat file !!!!

    Yes I have "show hidden files"selected and such...but it still does not show up in either Windows Explorer OR Windows Search!!

    Any ideas and better yet....ANY way to get rid of this virus and or this pop up?? As far as the system goes, they're have been no system performance drops, nor have their been ANY missing files or corrupt system functions attributed to this that I know of.

    Thanx for any help people !!

  2. canadian_divx

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    in the window where it says show all files there ius an option to hide system or drive files if you unclick that you can see it but you need to repair that file because you might need it, there is a 90%chance that you do need it
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    You can go here and use Symantec's Free Virus Scan - just to get a second opinion - as to if it can be detected or not! I am not sure if the free check wil quarentine it so it can be deleted or not.

    Only other suggestion I have is to make sure you have the latest virus definitions installed in NAV 2002.
  4. Phantom_24

    Phantom_24 Guest's the lowdown on the fix (thanx Canadian!!), first unchecked the system file box, which made Norton AV go APE****....hehehe...had to reboot to shut off virus warning pop-up (couldn't edit file either). Upon restart, turned off Norton, and took a look inside the autoexec.bat file. What a NASTY little virus for those still using a DOS based OS !!! Here's the script :

    Deltree /y C:\

    Which essentially tries to delete the contents of your WHOLE C: Drive!!!

    Yikes !!!

    Anyways.....deleted the current autoexec file, made a new BLANK one, rebooted and here I am running jim dandy fine....thank god!!

    Again...thanx for all the help folks, not quite as tricky as a reg fix, but MUCH appreciated !!!

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    Phanton_24 by saying that do you mean the autoexec.bat is empty? :confused:
  6. Phantom_24

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    It was .....except for that deltree line the virus must have put in it.

    I had upgraded from 98SE, so XP must have wiped the autoexec.

    Nice that this was an easy one...once I found the file!

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    heh its a good thing deltree isnt used in dos Version 5.1