Barton Core, is it worth it?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by wingman411, Jun 29, 2003.

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    I am going to upgrade my cpu to a 333 fsb to take advantage of the 1 GB of pc2700 memory I just bought. I want to spend less than $2oo.oo USD on the cpu/fan.

    Can anyone go to this website and help me decide which one to consider buying. It is confusing as to GHZ speed. Some lower amd # cpu's seem to have a higher GHZ speed.

    Also, how can you tell if it is a barton core or an earlier model if it doesn't say?

  2. Sazar

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    bartons come in 4 flavors @ the moment...

    2500+/2800+/3000+ and 3200+ ratings...

    if you look @ the specs for the cpu's and the cpu has 512kb l2 cache.. thats a barton... :)

    for 200usd or less.. I would suggest getting the 2800+ and a nice heatsink... :) or just use the stock retail one if you buy retail...

    you can always OC it well...

    else you can get the 2500+ and oc it to 3000+ levels out of the box as most people have been able to do...
  3. Gus K

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    Does your mobo support 333? Some early 333 mobo's did not.

    With the PC2700 you got plenty of headroom if you want to try increasing your bus speed, if you are currently running 133. Try pushing it to 140 or so. My system runs stable at 146, which puts my AMD2400 at 2.2g.