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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Vir2L, Jan 3, 2002.

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    1. How can I get rid of those "boring" balloon helps that pops out everytime I get conected to web, some balloon apears when I turn off the computer when I pull my mouse over Hibernate, Turn off, Restart...

    2. When I press TURN OFF it saves settings and than it says "Closing Win XP" ... it shows that message for about 2 min than it closes it self... WHY?

    TNX for Help
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    1. Check out this thread for turning of ballon helps...... warning though it involves a registry change (unless you use tweak ui)which if you are not confident with must be approached with caution (that me arse covered lol;) )

    2. Windows Xp always takes a couple of mins to shut down and always says saving settings then shutting down... mine takes about 3 mins to shut down!!!

    Hope it helps :D
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    Re: Baloon, SLOW

    I'll defer to noah472s recommendation on point #1, since I agree with him :)

    On Point #2, there might be a service thats having problems shutting down, thus waiting for XP to shut it down after a certain amount of time. Check your event log to see if theres any messages pertaining to it.

    Whats your computer specs and startup programs?
  4. Vir2L

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    There is no such thing in my reg.


    There is however "ShowInfoTip"
    and "StartButtonBalloonTip

    Only Thing in my STARTUP is MS Office and ICQ...
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    you have to add this part "EnableBalloonTips"=dword:00000000
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    Did it......DOES NOT WORK....
  7. Vir2L

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    Can NAV have something to do with the SLOW part ???
  8. Mubbers

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    De Ja Vu!

    I posted the balloon tips querie a short while back and similarly had no joy with REGEDIT.

    However on this very website I found a XP Add On that worked, it was XPAntispy and featured amongst many other things the ability to turn off these annoying and frankly patronising balloon tips! I mean what else is the off button going to do?

    XP Antispy was in the XP Add ons section of downloads and after several days of useage does not appear to have had any ill effects.

    Whilst I was looking for XPAntispy I also noticed that in the Tweak Files section of downloads there was a registry file that looked like it was intended also to disable balloon tips - I haven't tried this.

    Best of luck,


    P.S. This querie should go in the FAQ's!!!

  9. Vir2L

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    FINALY....something that works :)