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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Streamer, Jul 12, 2002.

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    Now this time I have an ics problem I cant solve. I have two xp machines. Cable connected directly to this main pc. One hub with a second nic card connecting from this one to the hub and then the second pc connects to the hub. long story short....this worked fine for a long time til yesterday. Second pc just wont connect to the inet. So, i go to the network adapter here on this one...and i cant enable firewall or ics. i get the error mesage

    "the dependancy service or group failed to start"

    totally at a loss now. Not sure why its doin this or how to fix this. Anyone out here in xpland have any ideas at all?

    Thanks guys for any help.
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    you probably installed something or did something to disable it, if it only started yesterday, I would backup any new files or stuff u did since then, and do a system restore back before this nonsense started.

    2. option

    Buy a router and get rid of ICS all together.

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    I am a complete network n00b, but try powering down both machines, rebooting and try running the netowrking wizard on each machine..