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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Caligo, Jun 4, 2002.

  1. Caligo

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    I keep getting a blue screen at startup with stop code 0x0000007E and something about the file 1394BUS.SYS. Problem began when I downloaded the latest version of AIM. It kept freaking out onn me(names becoming invisible, window opening way bigger than the screen, strange stuff like that) I try to boot in safe mode and it just lists a whole bunch of system files and then restarts itself. Anybody got a solution or at least way for me to get access to my CD-RW so I can pull some important files that I really don't want to lose?!? Please, Please help me!!

    Here's my specs:
    768MB PC133 Corsair RAM
    ELSA GLoria III
    SB Audigy Gamer
  2. Iceman

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    since you can't even boot up in safe mood, as far as I know your only option is to repair XP, but wait and see what someone else says, might have better option. :confused:
  3. xsivforce

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    Texas, USA
    Are you using any firewire devices?
  4. Caligo

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    Nope, not using any firewire devices but there is a firewire port on the soundblaster audigy. When I pulled the audigy out of the box, the computer would just restart itself every time it got to the blue halt screen.