Bad sound card?

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    Last night, when attempting to play a game things went wrong. Once the game loaded, my screen went black and the monitor said "Check signal". I turned the montior off and back on, with the same message. I couldn't escape from the game since I had no video. I rebooted the system, just to have it get to the boot screen and lost video again. No hard drive activity...nothing at all. After rebooting for about 15 minutes, I finally got back into Windows. I tried the game again just to have the same happen. After another 15 minutes or so, I got back into Windows and checked the event viewer. I found to entries relating to the video card.

    Event ID: 108
    Event Source: nv
    Event ID: 1
    Event Source: nview_info
    So after researching on these, I found that my video card could be bad. Now this morning I had the same problems with it not wanting to load into Windows. I tore down the whole system, cleaned it, etc etc, put the video card back in and received no signal. After bitching at the card, I decided to just throw in a Rage 128 Pro. :cry: I placed all PCI cards, in the same slots they were in before I torn the computer apart. Started the system and video returns! By the way, I tested the video card in another system just to have no signal there, so I know the card is bad. :cry:

    Now comes my sound problem. Anything that plays sound, whether it is Windows loading, movie, mp3, website with sound, etc etc, has a static/pop coming from the speakers and headphones. (Headphones plugged into I/O front panel from SB Audigy) The sound card's IRQ is being shared only with USB controllers. I have messed with the acceleration, reinstalled drivers, with no success. Is it possible, that whatever damaged my video card, could have affected the sound card? Or could the Rage be creating a bad bottleneck and affecting my sound? Any ideas are welcomed, since I am at a dead end.

    System Specs
    Motherboard: Soyo KT333
    CPU: AMD XP 2000+
    RAM: 1 GB PC2100 :cry:
    Video Card: Rage 128 Pro :cry:
    Sound Card: SB Audigy Platinum
    Main Drive: Maxtor L060J3
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    And I remember the early days when there was help. Now it seems to be, IMO, slightly biased. :rolleyes:
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