bad bad mobo!!

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Lithium, Jun 19, 2002.

  1. Lithium

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    lol its funny ive tryed to get into bios on my puter and it freezes boy i love my e-piece of crap machine anyways any idea why its doin this?
  2. GraLk

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    I dont know if its possible, as I dont know what system you have, or if this would even work, but try going into bios from a restart....might work.

  3. Taurus

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    Sacramento, CA
    are you telling me you have an eMachine?? if so, i know a REAL good way to fix it... involves safety goggles, though.

  4. [spoon]

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    i reinstalled os 98 on an emachine... boy was that a pain in the ass....
    in order to access the bios follow these steps after turning off your puter
    1. Unplug
    2. Remove Case
    3. Locate of shiny silver battery
    4. Notice which side of batty is up
    5. Remove Battery
    6. Wait a few minutes
    7. Replace battery same way which you found it

    Your bios will now have been reset and you should be able to access it with no problems :D
  5. Lithium

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    hmm i think im goin to take your advise and use safety goggles and a big sledge hammer!!! lol i just got a msi k7 turbo 2 goin to get a 1800+ XP chip on thursday so yeah its goin to be tight