Backups in Nero and Clone CD

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by donkey, Apr 18, 2003.

  1. donkey

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    I picked up Civilization 3 yesterday (Heard a few good things about it) and am backing it up.

    Personally, I like Clone Cd as I know I'm getting a decent backup of the game. Civilization 3 is protected by safedisc 2.60.

    I made a backup copy of the game with Nero and Clone Cd to see the difference.

    I know Clone Cd can make 1:1 copies so I'm happy with that but the copy I made with Nero works as well when I play.

    The question I have though is I think Nero can't make 1:1 copies like Clone Cd and I'm not sure how advanced the protection feature is in it but would this copy of Civilization 3 be as good considering it's not a true 1:1 copy like the Clone Cd copy.

    Like, is it possible the game might not look as good, sound or gameplay be different. I'm just curious of the difference or even if Nero is better.

  2. Shamus MacNoob

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    No either it worked or it did not work as for game play , sound , whatever NO ... :)
  3. Shamus MacNoob

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    PS: I love CIV 3 I play alot
  4. 2z

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    your OK as long as its not using fade protection

    the game will play fine for a bit > then gradually get worse

  5. koko

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    when i back up games, i make an iso in nero and burn the image. works perfectly.
  6. box2k2

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    Check out CD freaks:

    "Backups" tend to be dependent on the writer being able to write in particular way.

    It is generally possible to backup any disc, but chances are that the copy protection system will work out that it's a copy and not allow the game to start.

    If you get past the copy protection then the disc will be a 1:1 copy and function *exactly* as the original did

    If your hardware is capable then it's possible to backup all but a very small number of titles.

    Suffice to say - it's a big subject, check out the forum at cdfreaks and start learning

    Out of interest what drive(s) did you read and write with when using nero?
  7. donkey

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    Read and wrote the cd with my cd writer. It's a liteon 24102B. I've had no problems so far backing up any of my games (NBA Live 2003, Tiger Woods 2003, All Sims versions)

    It's been working fine. I was just curious about Nero because I backed up some games with Nero but then got Clone Cd so I started using that.

    Just wondering if the game I backed with Nero I should re-do with Clone Cd but I think it was answered.

  8. jdn

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    Your burner is a good one for backing up games.
    I use Clone CD with Clony XXL. This seems to do just about every type of protection.
    However game developers are trying new protections all the time.
    I also have Nero but generally use it for music mostly.
  9. donkey

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    Yeah, I'm using Nero to burn cds as well.

    I used to use Clone Cd with ClonnyXXL but Clony doesn't recognise all protections now (Unless there is a new version) so I just use the protection profiles to back my games up.
  10. ZipTriX

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    Clony still detects all protections, it doesn't select the correct settings to defeat the protection, like the other versions did.