Backup OS partition in NTFS

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by joey, Oct 10, 2002.

  1. joey

    joey Guest

    I current using FAT32 file system, I uses Norton Ghost to backup my OS partition. But the limition for FAT32 is the security issues.

    Therefore, I'm looking to change the files to NTFS, is there any software can backup OS partition in NTFS like backing up FAT32.

    Any software suggest?
  2. allan

    allan Guest

    Ghost or Partition Magic's Drive Image work fine with either FAT or NTFS.
  3. joey

    joey Guest

    Do you mean it can restore my OS partition exactly same as the point I backup that partition?

    Becoz I heard some programe may not run properly after restoring the OS drive with NTFS system.
  4. allan

    allan Guest

    1) Yes
    2) You heard wrong. Programs neither know nor care about the file system you use.
  5. joey

    joey Guest


    but I meant some programs may have to reinstall after restoring the OS partition.

    For FAT, we can backup the OS partition in DOS. for NTFS, does it start the backup after XP loaded or where? :confused:
  6. dadx2mj

    dadx2mj Guest

    Earlier version of Ghost can read a NTFS partition but could not write to a NTFS partition. The newer version of Ghost 2003 can read and write to a NTFS partition. If you want to use the older version of Ghost you need to have a FAT32 partition to save your image to or write it to a CD.
  7. allan

    allan Guest

    A disk image from Ghost or Drive Image is a snapshot. Everything is as it was when you drop it back on the drive - including the registry. If prgrams worked when you created the image they will work after.
  8. murdoch1

    murdoch1 Guest

    so if you made a backup image of a partitioned os that was in ntfs could you copy it to a fat 32 drive?Anyone know of the problems involved in converting a ntfs back to a fat 32?
  9. bruce_ers00

    bruce_ers00 Guest

    Partition Magic can convert an NTFS partition back to a FAT 32. I have not heard of any problems stemming from this. Although I have not tried I am willing to bet my data on it. :)