Backup methods?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by jkoXP, Sep 16, 2003.

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    What are your backup methods? Do you use MS backup or another program? Do you do full backups, or full and incremental
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    I ran a search but I couldn't find anything.... :eek:
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    I use Norton Ghost to do a Back-Up of each system upon Installation of Windows to CD. Then I do a complete system Back-Up with Ghost again Every 2-3 Weeks on CD's again. I Back-Up all changed work to a Single Network Server which no one has direct access to at the end og each day. I make regular backups of working projects throughout the day to the local system, Then at the end of the dat I also burn a copy of the days work to a CD and place it at home for safe keeping. I also run a Second HDD for works in progress which I usually use to store copies of the daily changes to projects.

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    I used PowerQuest DriveImage 2002 to make an image of the entire hard drive right after I installed my most essential software. The images are saved on CD-Rs.
    Now, if I ever run into problems, I don't need to format and reinstall Windows and all my software. Just have to use DriveImage to restore the backup in less than 20 minutes. :)

    My documents, and other important data files are backed up on my desktop's hard drive.
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    personally, i have all my files on my file server, if that dies, well so does all my stuff. Its the risk i am willing to take :).
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    I am trying to decide weather or not to just manually copy all of my folders (in different places) to my ext. USB HDD or buy some sort of backup program that does it automatically.,...

    Any good programs out there?