Awesome install boot disk/c I found!!!!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by SamIAmMaybe, Jul 25, 2002.

  1. SamIAmMaybe

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    Just wanted to let others know of an awesome boot disk/c I found on the web the other day. It’s called EZ OS Install and can be found at

    After trying to install Linux I couldn’t get my partitions back to normal and install XP. Ran into this site and got the disk. After booting to it helped me fix my partitions and then installed XP for me automatically. I left the computer and came back and was at the desktop ready to install my apps and drivers. Looks like they offer a floppy disk download and a CD ISO version with some more stuff. It supports most of the Microsoft OS’s and is the easiest disk I have ever seen. Hope this helps others out there.

    :D :D :D :D
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    EZ OS Install Bootdisk

    I'm glad to see someone charging for this bootdisk, since it's FREE at:
  3. SamIAmMaybe

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    It is

    No this is PCHelpLive selling this version. From what I can tell from their site the BETA was popular 50,000+ downloads. The version they are selling is the final build and the CD version is what I purchased from them. It has tons more feature than the BETA did. PCHelpLive has dedicated to this product. Trust me they did a good job.
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    Catch was it the same disk? How do you get the monkey beside your name?
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    well I'll be a monkey's uncle!
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    Both links go to the same download site... either way the disk is not free.