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Discussion in 'Green Room' started by FishBoy, Apr 1, 2005.

  1. hey today i was browsing through a computer at my school and i found this network drive i right click on it and that's what i see

  2. gonaads

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    Did ya take it home with ya? Or ya just stared at it all day? :D

    Nice of ya to give us the address. :D
  3. well it's the address inside the network so it can't be accessed from outside im on the school's network and i can't open it i have to be in that building to open it
  4. gonaads

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    tooooo bad. :rolleyes:

    That's a shiitload of realestate. :D
  5. there i blurred it anyway :D
  6. gonaads

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    I already wrote it down :D

  7. oh well
  8. well if you wanna open an ip domain thingy try this one some random thing i randomly found it's pretty cool
  9. Johnny

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    Man what I would do to have that much space .. I would have it filled in less than six months lol ..
  10. gonaads

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    Ooooo... Server room cam :D With two tall and secseh nekid servers. :laugh:
  11. lol yea i think that was a stupid thing of that company to do
  12. LordOfLA

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    you may wish to drool over our nice shniy new 4.5TB FreeBSD backup server :D
  13. ming

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    thats wikid
  14. Steevo

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    Wif 600Gb I got all I will need for my umm, collection......
  15. nice... steaaaal it steaaal iiitt
  16. Kush

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    yeah i recently got a 4.5tb server for my dog, he said he needed it for his website
  17. X-Istence

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    We just got our new rack server in at school. We have a total of 10 TB now. Considering the students fill the damn drives up extremely fast with all kinds of movies and clips for projects (They never clean up, and we are not allowed to set a quota).
  18. that's a stupid thing to not allow, i mean my college gives us 20mb on our matrix (RedHat Linux) account and 10mb on the phobos (some kind of IBM unix thing) account