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    How do i do this?

    I have a video file in DIVX .avi format and i want to be able to play it in a DVD player (actual set top one).

    Any idea how or what app will do this?

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    I've been using a new program called
    You can read more about it here. (yes its free)
    One step KVCD via ACP --=Getting started guide
    (you'll need to register) Not all standalone DVD's will play KVCD. check here for your DVD. DVD compatibility for KVCD Even if yours isn't listed it still might be able to play KVCD as mine did. There is a sample ISO you can download to test at the above link.

    This program burns your avi/Divx/Xvid to a KVCD/mpeg. It incorporates three different programs that are the best in my opinion at encoding and multiplexing your final product. You can burn 800MB onto a 700 MB CD-R ! The quality of the final product is excellent. No more burning a DVDrip to 2 CD-R's when you can put it on 1 CD. If you have a DVD burner then you don't have to worry about this, you could take a look at CloneDVD in that case.
    There are allot of programs out there... good luck