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    How often do you install Windows XP? PC Crashes, Viruses, or even fixing other peoples systems... most people install XP regularly, whether they want to or not. After awhile, you get sick of going to Windows Update and continuously downloading patch after patch, update after update. Well, we have just the thing.

    AutoPatcher XP is a comprehensive collection of patches & registry tweaks that give you peace of mind in the knowledge that your Windows XP is up to date.

    Info on version 4.2:
    Full File Size: 217.0 MB (7z Executable)
    Update Package Size: 24.8 MB (7z Executable)
    Patcher Version: 4.2.32 Final - January Update
    Patches contained: 208

    You can get it over at Neowin here

    NOTE: XP SP1 is still required before installing this.

    The Package contains...

    ** 37 Windows XP Pre-Service Pack 2 Critical Updates
    ** 22 Windows XP Pre-Service Pack 2 Recommended Updates
    ** 05 Internet Explorer Updates
    ** 03 Outlook Express Updates
    ** Bootvis Tool (version 1.3.37)
    ** Euro Conversion Tool
    ** MSN Messenger 6.1.0207 w/ Option to uninstall Windows Messenger 4.7
    ** Windows Messenger 5.0.0468 (if you chose not to install MSN Messenger)
    ** Microsoft Virtual Machine w/ 2 Updates
    ** Sun Java 1.4.2_03 (for those running SP1a or SP1)
    ** Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer 1.2
    ** Microsoft Data Access Components 2.8 w/ 1 Update
    ** Microsoft DirectX 9.0b w/ 1 Update & Optional Control Panel Shortcut
    ** Microsoft Jet 4.0 Service Pack 8
    ** Microsoft Jet 4.0 Service Pack 8 Replication Update
    ** Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 w/ 1 Update
    ** Microsoft SharePoint Migration Tool
    ** Microsoft Windows Journal Viewer
    ** Windows XP PowerToys (including 8 Bonus Powertoys)
    ** Microsoft XML 3.0 SP4
    ** Microsoft XML 4.0 SP2
    ** Windows Media Player 9 w/ Update to Build 3093 & 8 other Updates & Enhancements
    ** Windows Movie Maker 2.0
    ** Windows Rights Management Client 1.0
    ** 3D Windows XP ScreenSaver
    ** Adaptec ASPI Layer for Windows XP
    ** Bliss Screensaver
    ** Microsoft American Flag ScreenSaver
    ** Device Manager Shortcut to All Programs Menu"
    ** Desktop Icon Restore Tool"
    ** Windows Media Player Classic version"
    ** Microsoft Virtual CD Tool"
    ** Ability to remove ASP.Net Uset Account
    ** Ability to remove all Windows XP ScreenSavers
    ** Ability to remove all Win9x based Wallpapers
    ** Ability to remove all Windows XP Wallpapers
    ** IE Spy-Ad
    ** Optional Internet Explorer Spellcheck tool
    ** System Uptime Tool
    ** Macromedia Flash Player
    ** Macromedia Shockwave Player
    ** MSN Plus 2.5.4
    ** Neowin Screensaver (XP logon Hack)
    ** Microsoft NZ Bliss Wallpaper
    ** Option to replace update 8-Bit Shutdown and Logoff Icons on Windows Classic Theme
    ** Startup Monitor
    ** Startup CPL
    ** UxTheme.dll Patcher (so you can use custom themes)
    ** 62 Registry Tweaks
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    yes! an excellent program. I follow it's development very closely.
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    just wondering if you use the UXtheme patcher does it work well when installed by this program...I installed it but haVe yet to try and use different themes...where do I get compatible themes for the uxtheme patcher
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    Santa Clara, CA
    I get the same problem :S
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    The link ( refrers to neowin ) doesn't work .
    it seems very usefull .
    Tnx .
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