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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by illmaticone, Nov 10, 2006.

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    I have IE7 setup on public computers; I need it to automatically delete history, cookies, etc on exit. This feature is on firefox, however I tried that approach and the users weren’t too happy, so I immediately switched back to IE. This feature is important for public computers and I can’t find a solution.

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    1) If they are public computer the correct response is "live with it, it's security for your protection".

    2) The best way to avoid saved info is to not allow cookies at all. Given that option firefox will look better to the whiners (I mean users).

    3) There are utilites that will clean all the myraid of personal data MS squirrels away on a machine while being used. I'll look around and see if there is one that can be made to work at log off.

    But if you are really concerned about security on a public computer Linux would be a better choice. Windows and IE scare me with what they leave lying around. There are programs that scan your PC and will spit out all kinds of left over passwords and IDs that windows stupidly saves unencrypted. I stopped running the programs because they were upsetting me too much.
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    Set up a local Home page on each computer with relevant links to sites users are going to be using (hotmail, yahoo, gmail, google, .... etc. )

    On the page, setup a little tutorial on privacy.

    In IE7, clicking on Tools, Delete Browsing History clears everything.

    Not perfect, but if your users want IE, they want IE.

    IE7 Security Information