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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by yupdup, Jan 14, 2002.

  1. yupdup

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    Is there a comand i can put in a batch file, so that when run, it will completely shutdown the computer. If i can get that to work then i guess i couls use the scheduler to set a time when my pc will shut itself down everytime. Thanks
  2. AndyP

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    Hmm, there is a thread about that issue here somewhere (searching...) Also there might be a timed shutdown option in your BIOS....
  3. chooch

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    shutdown -s -f

    -s = full shutdown
    -f = force applications to close

    There are a few more switches, if your interested type shutdown on a dos prompt.
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    I tried that and its shutdown the computer, but it doesn't turn its self off, like when i shutdown the computer manualy it turns itself off. And i checked my bios and nothing. I did see a article that said to have turn off also "Make a shortcut, and use this as the target:

    %windir%System32 sshutdn.exe 10 /powerdown /DELAY:01"

    but it won't let me put it in the target for a shortcut. something about target directory does not exist. and i am not sure if i can put it in a batch file. Thanks again
  5. Khayman

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    in windows 98 i used the following command (make a short cut to)

    c:\windows\rundll32.exe user.exe,ExitWindows

    (possibly may not need the rundll32.exe bit, try with first)

    i havn't tried it on xp, cause i use a program called Hotkeycontrol XP

    get it here

    you can use it to set hot keys for shutting down and restarting and a bunch of other stuff
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    I got my computer to shut its self down and power off by using the command "tsshutdn." The full command discripotion and option is listed i nthe help section. However if i have a dialup connection running, it will asks if you want to keep the current connection alive. And will sit there till you answer. So i was wondering if anyone knows a command to close a dial-up connection. Thanks again
  7. Khayman

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    well the above program will (not the command, that doesn't apper to work in xp )

    or this one

    the actual command is
    For a shortcut to RESTART Windows XP:
    SHUTDOWN -r -t 01

    For a shortcut to SHUT DOWN Windows XP:
    SHUTDOWN -s -t 01

    also at cmd type SHUTDOWN /? for a full list of options, including -f wich forces all to shut down with no warning
  8. yupdup

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    The af1 progrm is exactly what i needed Thanks!