Automatic connect in XP ??

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by GameBZz, May 10, 2002.

  1. GameBZz

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    Is there an option to connect automatic so when I set the shortcut of my dailup (cablemodem) in start it automatic connects and I don't have to click "connect" every time ??

    I've searched in the forum but found nothing...

    Cya BaZz
  2. Piett

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    hmm you wern't to clear when you posted. are you using dial up or a cable modem? if you are using a cable modem you shouldn't have to connect, as it is a permanent connection.
  3. insaNity

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    for my broadband connection I was using RASPPPoE which made PPPoE work as if it was a dialup connection. Then It was compatible with all my old auto-dialing tools etc.
  4. GameBZz

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    Ok, I've got a Cableconnection but I can use it as a windows 98 I had no "tools", there wass just an option "automatic connect" or something ....when I set that on & playsed a shortcut og the connection under start -> startup then he automatic connected when I started :) but now I can't find that option anymore :(

    Cya BaZz

    [edit] Ok, I fixed the prob, the option was just called else :rolleyes: [/edit]
  5. JJB6486

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    Cable Modems do not use PPPoE, they are static/DHCP always-on connections. Are you sure you don't have DSL, and not Cable? There is a difference.

  6. insaNity

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    ACTUALLY, both cable & DSL can use PPPoE, PPTP or plain ethernet routing as you describe.
    Anyway it was just an example.