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    Is it just me or is autocomplete fickle sometimes it works & other times it does’ .it asks if I want to save,but when I try to activate ,by typing the first letter like I always have nothing happens,is their another method I don’t know about?
  2. ironguy

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    It depends

    If you are talking about autocomplete on web pages, it doesn't always work. The entry field on the web page has to be defined. Many places just put a blank entry field, thus, no autocomplete.
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    I've noticed this too in XP. I have no problems at all w/ autocomplete in NT4.0. Also, autocomplete will not work in some fields that are designated not to allow autocomplete (ie: confirmation fields)

    One thing that will disrupt autocomplete is programs like WindowWasher, if you don't deselect the correct options, it will delete this info and obviously autocomplete will not have the stored info to complete anything.