auto update and intellipoint drivers STRANGE!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Sfumato, Apr 9, 2002.

  1. Sfumato

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    Today I went to update and it said there was a new driver for my Intellipoint explorer.

    I had problems with driver updates from AU before so I was wary.
    I went to catalog page and downloaded the files.

    My current driver is 4.00.657.1 dated august 23 2001. From the IIP4_0EngNoMsi.exe I downloaded a couple of weeks ago from MS site.

    When I open the ipfilter.sys from the NEW files dowloaded today it says this 4.0.657.0 may 9 2001

    So why would update say there is a new driver if it is older?

  2. Smokie

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    Townsville, Qld, Australia
    I also found that today and when I tried to download and install the driver, it would not do neither. Just a message in red saying it could not be installed. :confused:
  3. I saw it too. Assume you can just ignore it, yes no? Prob some glitch on windowsupdate...
  4. eGoalter

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    make sure you guys have the cryptographic service running as this is required to install any windows updates, if it is off you will see those red warnings that it didnt install.....;)
  5. Akash

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    i had that weird thing too
    but i didnt download it as i read something somewhere about winupdate playing up displaying things that were not needed, not relevent, or displaying it once but not again.
  6. MiseryQ

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    Sometimes they realize that the newer driver is buggier than the old driver and go back to using it...