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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by deesnuts, Jul 22, 2002.

  1. deesnuts

    deesnuts Guest

    does any one know how to disable it in XP

    might fix a problem for me
  2. surge

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    what do you want desabled in autostart?
  3. Sazar

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    auto restart on error?

    its quite simple really

    go to your control panel and then to system...

    select the advanced tab and then select start-up recovery options settings ....

    within this window you will see an option halfway down which has the heading system failure and here you will uncheck the box that says automatically restart... if it has a check mark in it...


  4. surge

    surge OSNN Senior Addict

    well no one said it was a auto restart on error
    he /she said it was an auto start porblem , they could have ment programs auto starting, cd's auto starting.
  5. deesnuts

    deesnuts Guest

    sorry ment auto start went inserting a cd or dvd into a dvd rom

    it locks up somtimes when inserting a dvd and only dvds into it

    spins up and locks up takes opening and closing the door 2 or 3 times to work then works fine

    labtop DVD-ROM LG drn8080b on xp home
  6. Hipster Doofus

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    Found this

    "Turn Off Autoplay For CDs

    Click Start , click Run , type regedit in the Open box, and then press ENTER.
    Locate and click the following registry key:
    -To disable automatically running CD-ROMs, change the Autorun value to 0 (zero).
    -To enable automatically running CD-ROMs, change the Autorun value to 1.
    Restart your computer.
    (NOTE : This method disables automatically running CD-ROMs.
    If you want to disable automatically running CD-ROMs depending on the CD-ROM that you insert in the CD-ROM drive, you can press and hold down one of the SHIFT key while you insert the CD-ROM."
  7. deesnuts

    deesnuts Guest

    cool thanks
  8. deesnuts

    deesnuts Guest

    i think it fixed my problem with the drive thanks
  9. Jz1397-5

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    Philadelphia PA their program has an option in there for it. beats messing with your registry.