Auto running and updating multi workstations on a network

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    I was curious if anyone knows a good solution to a problem I am having.

    I have about 30 work stations and the senior IT person here is looking for a solution to doing updates and changes to all work stations without physically having to go to each work station.

    Currently we use roaming profiles so that a users settings tie into any machine they use.

    But the type of changes we want to do involve things like

    1. Adding a macro to outlook so all users have it. Or making a change in the macro script and apply it to all users.

    2. Having all users have a unified default settings in Microsoft Word 2007.

    3. Doing things such changing or adding files to everyones folder.

    If anyone got solutions please let me know. Your help is so greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!

    P.S if there are VB scripts that can do this, can someone point me in the direction. We have no issues in editing the scripts or having one of our VB people take a stab at it.

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    please keep this all in one thread.

    Thank you