Australian Paedophile to be deported to Britain?

Discussion in 'Green Room' started by Lee, Mar 23, 2005.

  1. Lee

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    Whats this all about. An Aussie paedophile being deported to Britain....Not on my Nelly!

    ONE of Australia’s most dangerous child sex fiends is to be deported to the UK.

    Evil Robert Excell, 66, has spent 37 years behind bars for a series of attacks on boys as young as seven.

    He was freed on parole by the Aussie authorities due to his poor health and age — on condition that he return to England, where he was born.

    Excell will fly into London as soon as his immigration papers are ready - despite the fact he has not lived there since he was TEN.

    He is expected to arrive in the UK some time next week, a Western Australia Justice Department spokesman said.

    And because Aussie parole rules don’t apply in the UK, he won’t even have to sign the sex offenders’ register here.

    Last night Shy Keenan, of paedophile-watch group Phoenix Survivors, said: “Australia has set a child-molesting lunatic on us. In six months, it will be someone’s child here he attacks.” Australian Attorney General Jim McGinty said just two years ago that Excell was “too dangerous” to be let out.

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    Higly Ironic, But wrong just the same.
  3. Lee

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    What bothers me is, he is an Australian national, as he left with his family to live there at 10.

    His family live their also.
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    sucks. maybe his badhealth will do everyone good. hehe on a side noet. i hate your avatar nothing against him personaly i just feel like mt grandpa is watching me all the time. lol
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    Its an absolute disgrace that this is happening. And I can easily foresee voiolent protest evolving from this.

    Oh, and "And because Aussie parole rules don’t apply in the UK, he won’t even have to sign the sex offenders’ register here. " - Am sure the ITV News TV Broadcast said that he was going to be treat to the same protocols (etc) as UK Sex Offenders - as such he would be on our "list" for the UK and whatnot. Though I may have misheard.