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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by nightowl, Sep 11, 2002.

  1. nightowl

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    I have recently installed win xp pro. I want use audiocatalyst to rip a cd an ASPI mode i can only select ANALOG mode. Is there somethong in windows I can change to allow me to use the ASPI funtion?
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    You need to install the ASPI layer, if it is not already available in our downloads section, I will add it later on today.
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    Just a suggestion.

    Audiocatalyst is not all that good at the job its doing.

    As a recommendation, try one of these programs.

    CDex is user friendly as it includes all the necessary things as one whole package rather than making the user download different packages.

    I recommend using CDex with Ogg Vorbis on Quality Setting 6.

    CDex Homepage

    The slightly more advanced (and the best) is Exact Audio Copy (EAC).

    It does a 100%(or as close to it depending on the quality of your CD) copy of the music that is on the CD. Audiocatalyst doesn't do a very good job of it (slight problems here and there...)

    EAC coupled with LAME or Ogg Vorbis is a potent mix.
    LAME is a mp3 codec which is by far the superior codec available atm.
    Use the r3mix settings for a high quality rip.
    Latest LAME binaries
    Ogg Vorbis is a Open Source, 100% license free music standard that is on par with mp3. Its starting to gain some fan base but not quite the same amount as mp3 =P.
    Ogg Vorbis on Quality Setting 6 is the same as LAME r3mix settings. avg 192kbps.
    Ogg Vorbis

    If you or anyone else wants help with this stuff feel free to drop a line =)
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    audiocatalyst rox my box.. i think that program rips ass, ive never had a prob, going to xp installed the aspi layer from adaptec and ripped away.. rippin songs at 10secs a pop is pretty sweet, but ive used it for ages so im pretty bias, i think wmp8/9 with the mp3 addin rox aswell, actually i use that more often these days
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    Might want to try CDex though, (with LAME) it's decent.