Audio Ripping from a video disk

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by prinsipe, Feb 22, 2005.

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    guys do you know a proggie that can rip the audio out from a video disk? it doesnt matter if its free or not as long as the result is of a good quality. thanks in advance.......................
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    I've only accomplished this in a simple way on a Mac. So unless you have one, or have access to one, then I can't be of too much help.

    The solutions for this on a PC are not the most simplistic, but going here and searching around might get you started.
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    New York City has quite a few guides that show you how to extract audio from various video file formats.

    Another option is to grab Audacity (, and set the source as the sound card output. Then play the video, hit record and find something to do while it goes through the whole thing. The sound will be channeled in directly, so the quality is pristine. Once the recording is complete, you can save the file as a wav (huuuuge), mp3 or ogg file.
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    Just for grins I donwloaded ImToo Audio Ripper. It will let you pull 5 minutes of audio off a DVD on the trial version. So I ripped a chapter off my LOTR DVD and it sounded pretty good. Rip options are MP3 (selectable up to 320kbits) which sounded pretty good or wave. Very fast, very easy to use. You can select the chapters you want to rip. $35 which is a little more than most of the other DVD Audio Rippers.

    I tried out A1 DVD Audio Ripper too. Same options, $29. This demo only lets you rip half the chapter.

    Looks like they are all pretty much good. Here's a link to whole bunch at a glance:

    PS No I did not find any working cracks or keygens, but I didn't look very hard...
  5. hey i tried that but when i select export as mp3 it tells me to find the .dll thing
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    You need the Lame encoder - lame_enc.dll

    Just put it in the Audacity folder, and when it asks you for the DLL, point to it and you'll be able to export to mp3 from then on. :)
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    If you're trying to grab audio off a dvd my suggestion is as follows:

    grab smartripper 2.41 and rip by chapter
    use besweet (preferrably with frontend gui) to convert to .wav
    save wav (or lossless codec of choice) for backup
    convert to lossy format of choice