audigy varpak , sound on in 2 speakers

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by hugmnster, Mar 29, 2002.

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    I have the varpak audigy sound card, its the oem version. XP pro installed driver an i updated it from the cd. i have a set of altec lansings speakers, the acs-54w, has 4 speakers an one subwoofer. no matter what speaker setup i choose i never get any sound out of the second set of speakers just the ones plugged into the green jack on sound card. anyone had this problem. thanks

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    I'm using Cambridge Soundworks DTT2200

    I didnt have sound from some of the speakers until I did this:
    Control Panel> Sound, Speech and Audio Devices> Change the Speaker Settings> Under "Speaker Settings" choose "Advanced".

    I chose the 5.1 speaker system setting. You should try "Quarophonic Speaker System". Anyway, try all of the options, until it works.

    Hope I helped you, reply me if I did.

    - Ronen.
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    I have done that an it did not work. But i have it working now, after deleting an reinstalling the drivers an all software for the 4th time i have it working, not sure what the problem was but its working now.