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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by acetken, Sep 27, 2002.

  1. acetken

    acetken "Anything for $50!"

    Hey guys, thanks for reading this. Today for no reason, my Audigy (With latest drivers) started sounding like it was... Underwater? In a cave? I dunno. Sounds really funny though. I think somehow some EAX thing became enabled that I can't disable. I've rebooted and used new drivers about 3 times now. Nothing. I've checked my registry and nothing unusual is staring up. Any ideas?

  2. ZipTriX

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    Have you checked the settings in the EAX control panel? If not, goto Control Panel - AudioHQ. Check attachment to see exactly where to go next. If this doesn't help, I'll look for other solutions.
  3. LowDucker1

    LowDucker1 Guest

    Had same problem

    I had the same problem. In fact, you are right in what hapened. EAX Gaming reset to the "Normal" mode. And I couldn't disable it. I had to completely uninstall all my SB stuff and re-install it.

    It worked, but I'm sure there is an easier way.
  4. acetken

    acetken "Anything for $50!"

    ZipTrix to my rescue again. :p No, I don't have AudioHQ. I only installed the SB drivers, not any of the crappy software. Do I have to install AudioHQ to make it work? Bah...
  5. ZipTriX

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    If you only installed the drivers and nothing more, then I don't understand how your sound could have an underwater effect. Odd.

    You might have to do what LowDucker said. I wouldn't consider AudioHQ to be software. It's more like the control panel for configuring the advance features of the sound card, like the EAX effects, which Underwater is one of the effects along with Cave (Haunted Cavern). :p
  6. Angst

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    Maybe install AudioHQ, then set it to normal?