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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by mokuni, Dec 11, 2003.

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    i would like to know if there are any webpage reviews or articles regarding the Audigy 2 Zs And the Audigy 2. Better yet, include the Audigy as well. I just want to know which would be a better purchase in terms of sound quality. I have a logitech Z680 so i would probably want good card wif it.

    if no reviews are found, just your own personal comments would be great.
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    I don’t like my Audigy 2 ZS I think it sucks I assumed that it would be like the Audigy 2 and since they were out of the Audigy 2 at new egg I just went for the ZS but the sound card causes clicking sounds in my speakers when I run other programs while listening to music. So if I were you I wouldn’t get the ZS I would get the Audigy 2 since it had good ratings on tom’s hardware and IGN. I haven’t heard any bad news about it except that the Audigy cards can be picky about what systems they work on.

    If I were you though I would get the Santa Cruz Turtle beach sound card. It’s a little cheaper and works good. My friend has it and he likes it. He tried to talk me in too buying it but i went with the Audigy 2 series because of all the good reviews and now im regretting it :(
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    one thing about creative labs :)

    decent hardware... craptacular drivers... teh buzzing/poping noises you get are driver related generally...

    I get em too until I change driver version to something else... and they generally vanish then

    try out a few drivers and see if it helps any..
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    alright ill go searching for drivers...thanks for the tip