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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Caligo, Feb 26, 2002.

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    I keep getting this crackling/popping sound. It's not terrible, but enough to be really annoying, especially with CD's. I can't find a PCI slot that allows a unique IRQ. It's always either shared with UDMA controller, USB, or my Video Card, and XP won't let me manually set an IRQ. I have the driver update and it's still crackling. Any ideas? Thanks.
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    Sorry about the delay..

    I knew i had read about you problem somewhere,its just that it took a long time to find it again (i read alot of crap!).

    Anyway it seems that creative can recreate the problem your having you can read about it here also there are links to solutions on the page as well.

    Hope its ok.

  3. Caligo

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    Thanks for the response, and I appreciate your searching around. Fortunately for me, I'm not getting the squeal of death and lockup. I'm just getting distortion during the playback of audio. Every few seconds I'll hear a click or a pop from the speakers. This may be a less severe version of the same problem, I haven't ruled that out, but I haven't had a lockup yet that seemed to result from the soundcard. Thanks.
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    I used to get that with my Philips card. I had to get rid of it, since
    I convert old albums to CDs on the side, and it's kind of tough when you get stray pops and clicks! My Audigy card doesn't make any extra noises. When I replaced the Philips, I installed the Audigy in the slot at the very bottom of my case, to isolate it as much as possible.

    Try moving the card if you can, and make sure you have the
    latest drivers.
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    if your audigy is in the pci slot right below the agp slot move it down, it should fix those issues. if not its somthing else.
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    Thanks for the responses. I think I have the problem pretty much ironed out. I uninstalled all of the software for the card and did a complete reinstall. Then I ran the setup for the drivers released on January 21. The driver version in the Device manager still gives the date 8/1/2001. I don't know why or if that is correct, but the popping is basically gone. Thanks again.
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    its cool

    dont worry about that date i think thats creatives date, mine is like that too. :cool: