ATI Rage 128 Ultra 16MB - Any hope of playing games ?!

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by sinnoc00, Dec 4, 2002.

  1. sinnoc00

    sinnoc00 Mad as a Lorry

    Okay, let me first say that this is a question about our work machines graphics cards, not my own (a nice Geforce 4 4400Ti !!) !

    Basically on xmas eve my bosses are planning on setting up 4 machines so that some kids can come in and play games (and me with any luck :D ). They're speedy enough (P4 1.7Ghz, WinXP Prof.), but the only thing I'm worried about is the ****ty graphics card..

    So... shall I tell my bosses to forget it or wot ?!
  2. BonyTony

    BonyTony Moderator

    Games like half-life and all the mods that go with it and quake 2 should run ok i am sure other people will have other games from their past that will run on those systems...long time since i had one of those (but i did have 1:D ).
  3. Sazar

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    yup those cards would cr@p out with the new games but something like half-life... and there are many mods for it... or the older ut engines SHOULD work adequately... try it out first and see if the frame rate is passable for the kids :)

    don't compare it to your 4400 coz that would be a shame lol...

  4. sinnoc00

    sinnoc00 Mad as a Lorry

    Cheers for that ! I'm going to be doing some *ahem* testing (which means me sitting at work playing games !), so I'll give Half Life a go - knowing my company though, they probably won't allow it due to the violence levels - doh ! :D

    Anyone got any other games which are decent (and will work using this crappy card), but aren't, y'know, violent ? - for the kiddies bless 'em !!
  5. Leo154

    Leo154 Guest

    gta3 :D

    no seriously.... try some racing games or some adventure game...

    look for an old racing game... can't think of one
  6. Joseph

    Joseph Guest

    You can get Need For Speed 3 and 4 pretty cheap. They will fly on that card, my old PC has that ATI in it (now a server LOL). They're great classic racing games :)
  7. DirtyJoe_58

    DirtyJoe_58 Guest

    Another game that will run good on that card is Midtown Madness... and also try the motocross games and stuff... they are non-violent and fun to play. Have you ever seriously considered to ask the bosses if they would put in some GeForce 2 MX cards?? like some 32 meg ones.. they would run everything a lot better than a Rage 128. plus you can use detonator drivers with them in XP and they will perform better. ATI is really bad about drivers... just thought...
  8. mick42

    mick42 OSNN Addict

    DirtyJoe,just read your post and noticed that you mentioned GeForce 2 Mx cards,I have that card but not those drivers,where can I get them,how do I install and what do I do if things go pear shaped?
  9. Octopus

    Octopus Moderator

    see the main page under LATEST DRIVERS :p :D
  10. _DM_

    _DM_ OSNN Senior Addict

    try using Morrowind. Highly detailed, and the best adventure/rpg game for PC.
  11. Worms World Party
  12. omgsoup

    omgsoup OSNN Senior Addict

    regular worms. that game's the sh*t.
  13. Stircrazy

    Stircrazy Guest

    Games that should run (cause i can run em on a 8mb tnt2)

    Red faction
    Swat 3
    rainbow 6(rogue spear only one ive tried)
    HL + mods
    Unreal tournament + mods
    NFS up till 6 or whatever porche one was
    MOHAA & spearhead
    Soldier of fortune 1 & 2
    GTA 2 and 1 lol (GTA3 is 16mb min so might run it on low detail)
    hitman 1 & 2

    to many to say but here are some i know will run lol
    besides i cant name em all i cant even remember ones i aint played in awhile