ATI Radeon 9500pro works only AGPx2

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by seba79, Jun 10, 2003.

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    Mb ECS K7VZA, in BIOS there is set AGP x 4, but with ATI Radeon works only x 2. I would like to find out why it happens ?
    when I set AGPx4 in ati control panel, after reboot windows loading default VGA driver
    always when I set agp for x4 in ati control panel, after reboot windows set "standard vga driver":(
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    try changing the number in bios to agp 4x... and see if it holds there...

    the control panel setting should hold I spose... but it is far better if you change it in the bios...

    if it does not hold from bios then get back to us and we will trouble shoot further :)
  3. seba79

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    bios is already set for x4 :(
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    I couldn't find any FAQ's on the ECS site about the AGP having problems.

    Make sure you have the latest VIA AGP drivers installed. Get the Via 4 in 1 pack it will update everything.

    There is nothing in the BIOS revisions about fixing an AGP problem so you probably don't need the latest bios. Here is the link anyway.

    Be careful on bios. There are 2 versions for your motherboard. You will have to look on your motherboard for a label to find out which one you have. You can tell if you have an older bios version by looking at the first screen during boot up. Bios number is usually under the logo in the upper left hand corner of the screen.
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    already newest bios and via hyp. 447