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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by banter, Oct 1, 2003.

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    I have had some problems with my gf4 ti4200. It causes my comp not to start! It seems to stall of viaagp.sys. I just noticed that the system requirements state a K6 or K7 processor is required. I have AMD Athlon Xp 1500+. Is this ok or could it be the problem.
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    You're meeting the system requirements with your XP 1500+, and it shouldn't cause the problem unless you're running it as crazy speeds. Are you getting the viagp.sys problem during boot? What does the message say?
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    It is not Overclocked at all. When i try to run windows it stalls at the boot screen (the one with the win logo). When i run safe mode it seems to just stall at viaagp.sys and viaagp1.sys. I Have to re-install windows just to get it to run, but when i restart windows the same thing happens
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    get the latest via drivers from you should be able to install from safe mode.
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    This happened to me with a Radeon PCI card. It would get to the XP boot screen and when it started to fade it would just hang. It ended up being a conflict with the chipset on the board (I think), so this _could_ be your problem.
    Hope you find a solution soon! :)
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    As above.

    1) If you have a video chipset on the MB make sure it is turned off in the MB Bios.

    2) Install the latest MB driver set, especially the agp driver.

    3) Also make sure you completely uninstalled any old video drivers drivers that were installed before you put in your latest card. There are programs for doing this for nvidia drivers.

    Either could cause the hangs.