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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Highwind7777, Feb 11, 2002.

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    would i be able to run an athlon xp mobo(almost any...I want a wide choice)with an athlon xp, tons of ram, 2 7200 rpm 40 gig hdd, radeon 8500, and 2 fans on a 145 watt power supply(it's a very very reliable power supply...dont ask wut it is, cuz I dont know, but it already has 30 thousand hours in it?
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    Dude personally, If I were putting that kinda money into a system with that kinda stuff, 300W would be the ultimate minimum size PS I would choose. Actually I would be very very surpised to see all that run on that small of a PS. Let me know how it works out for you. As far as it being a reliable PS, that really has nothing to do with it in this case, if it doesnt have the power, then it doesnt have the power.
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    well, I'm running a very similar system to what you're speaking of - I would recommend the same: NO LESS than 300w, even some 300w PS's might be insufficient - I'd suggest more, personally.

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    Im on a Athlon TB 1200Mhz 266Mhz FSB 512MB DDR 2x 30GB ATA 100 7200RPM--G-Force Annhilator 256 PRO 32MB DDR... And DVD CD-ROM ..SoundBlaster Live player 5.1 ---Floppy drive ofcourse.. and a networkcard..

    And i got a 240W PS..And thats FAR FAR FAR not ENOUGH power 2 run even all this hardware... if i install feks...a small Fan or even a 256MB ram stick ...everything will be totaly fucked up(Bluescreens..autorestarts..etc.. my power supply cant handle any more hardware at all... So i have ordered me self a 350W PS...

    145W forget it.. thats just about how much W a 3D card is using.. remember also DDR ram.. and burners.. and big HDz--eats alot of juice (power) You Should at least get ur self a 340W PS or more..