Athlon XP 2000 overheating?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by fimchick, Dec 7, 2002.

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    I bought an Athlon XP 2000 and am using a heatsink/fan combo that I think may not be powerful enough to handle the heat. When I put the processor in the machine it powers up but the CD-ROM light keeps blinking, I get no video and it won't POST. At first I thought the CPU may be overheating, but the motherboard has a temperature sensor which didn't go off (it went off once for a second when I didn't correctly connect the heatsink fan to the power, so I know it works). What is the problem? Should I go and buy a different heasink/fan cooler or what?

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    Can you give more information like
    Heatsink/Fan (HSF) Combo name
    Motherboard type
    Video Card

    And anything else you think might be of use.

    Also maybe the Power Output of your PSU maybe.

    Are you using the AMD Stock HSF, if you are then that should be running it OK, did you remove any wax film from the thermal pad before placing it on the CPU?
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    if your mobo's not POSTing, then reset your BIOS. that will set all to defaults. on my 2000+ OCed to 1833MHz my volcano 7+ stopped working (fan) and the processor was left under full load with just the copper HSF for 30 min. it surrivied to tell about it, one tough SOB


    Funny, the person with the problem doesn't come back to the posting......?:confused: