asus tuv4x problem

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by garanzia, Jan 2, 2003.

  1. garanzia

    garanzia Guest

    i having problem with my asus tuv4x
    the problem is nothing on my screen when on the pc.
    the vga cooling is running, the cpu cooling is running and led light on the mobo is on.what happen guys???
    is the processors is burn???and nothing heard form my speaker that indicate warning

    help help
  2. Tinker

    Tinker Guest

    From looking at the TUV4X at the ASUS web site it does not appear to have onboard video. Does you system pass POST and have a single beep while booting?

  3. garanzia

    garanzia Guest

    sorry for forgot to post my spec

    it true tuv4x does't have video on board. i use riva tnt2 m64 agp.
    the problem is nothing is hear from my just a blank screen i dont know what to do.
  4. Taurus

    Taurus hardware monkey

    Sacramento, CA
    can you hear the harddrive reading/writing? is the hd activity light flashing at all?
  5. garanzia

    garanzia Guest

    no hdd activity were on. it not boot up at all.i try to take out ram and agp and still no error present. i try the pc speaker to other pc its just fine. so no warning present. it confused me. do you think the mobo or processor is burn??? argh!!!!! -tension
  6. Sux541512

    Sux541512 Guest

    i had this same problem with 2 soyo slot a k7via's i never fixed it i got a processor didnt work new agp nope and new ram and did not work i still have them there both 650 amds i have been looking up on it and i have found from soyo's web site that u can remove the bios chip send it to them a they will re flash it. I got to that because i think it is bad bios.
  7. garanzia

    garanzia Guest

    it that bad. f*****g S***t !!!!. in my place i dont know where to send the bios chip!!!. my bios is beta version (asus tuv4x revision 1006 beta 02). do you think is because bad bios. i use it for two month and it fine until this problem comes.
  8. Sux541512

    Sux541512 Guest

    It is ur bios mabey u can send it to someone if u cant just lookup the bios and buy the chip I am looking for mine now but it is a ***** to find i will look more if u find it buy and if u want to fix the old bios for a backup ( I would) put the good bios in the board and startup to dos promt while the pc is on take out the bios chip and put the bad one in and flash it just in case this happens again u have a backup.
  9. Zedric

    Zedric NTFS Guru Folding Team

    It doesn't have to be the BISO you know. Could be anything. I suggest you pull stuff untill it makes a noice. Either boots up or says that it's missing something. I'd do this order:

    1. CD-Rom, floppy, soundcard, network card, all the "small cables" (LEDs and buttons) except the power button (all not really needed stuff).
    2. Harddisk
    3. Graphic card
    4. Memory
    If nothing still happens, you could remove the CPU I guess, but I'm not sure it'll help. ;)

    If it's still dead it's the mobo, the CPU or the PSU.
    If it boots somewhere after you removed something, that thing is probably the "bad guy".
  10. garanzia

    garanzia Guest

    already try your method but not succes at all. i suspect it is a dead cpu. my psu is fine. do psu effect on this problem??
  11. Sux541512

    Sux541512 Guest

    I am tell u it is the bios because i just stop at my friends house and he had a diffrent version of my old board but with the same bios i asked him for the bios put the new one in the mobo and it worked u can try a cpu but it is must likly 90% that it is not.