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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by vispisti, May 27, 2002.

  1. vispisti

    vispisti Guest

    Hi Friends.

    I have:

    Spacewalker mainboard , with 800 Mhz. Intel Pentium III. Proc.
    Videocard: ASUS V-7700 AGP 64 Mb.RAM nVidia Geforce 2 GTE

    OS: Windows XP Professional

    I have not new software for videocard.

    Have anubody ide, who can a find new software.

    ( The ASUS XP-2941 ver. not work )

    Exp: The Megal of Honor not work.

    Thanx: vispisti
  2. mcdruid

    mcdruid Guest

    Hi vispisti,

    I'm not really an expert, but you could probably just use the nVidia detonators, as your card's a Geforce 2.

    They can be found on the home page of this site, on the left hand side under:

    Latest XP Drivers
    ยท Nvidia 28.32's

    They should give you the OpenGL support etc.. which XP's own drivers do not. (MOHAA & lots of other games like it need this)

    The detonantors are all I use for my 64mb Geforce 2 MX200.

    If it doesn't do the trick, post again & someone with more expertise might help!!

    good luck,
  3. vispisti

    vispisti Guest

    Thanx McDruid !

    With Nvidia 28.32's XP Drivers work fine.
    :) :D