Asus A7v8x Sound Problem

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by sukicat, Dec 2, 2002.

  1. sukicat

    sukicat Guest

    HI having just updated to a ASUS A7V8X M/B ..I am having trouble with the sound it just does hic cups evey so often like it just stops and starts ..i have used the on board sound and a PCI Trust 5.1 card but both do the same ..any one had this problem ?? Sukicat
  2. Lighthater

    Lighthater Guest

    Just a stab in the dark... Make sure you have the latest 4in1 drivers as well as latest sound card drivers. You might also check for a bios update.

    The only time I have had this problem was with a Hercules Game Theatre XP and dual processor system. GTXP died and got a Creative Audigy...
  3. sukicat

    sukicat Guest

    Hi Lighthater ...Thanks for the reply ..i think i have found the problem it seems that if your are running a iPANEL and set the bio to update the panel (the default setting is disabled) it affects the Sound card ..god only knows why ...sukicat