ASUS A7N8X-E Deluxe Motherboard Question

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by AL.F, Jan 11, 2006.

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    I have the above board and after installing a second ide drive, the system would not boot or at least not show anything on the monitor. If i clear the cmos using the jumpers it will then allow me to boot to the bios but not windows - when i correct the cpu settings in the bios and reboot after saving to the cmos. it then reverts back to stage one where it will not show anything on screen.

    does anyone have ideas about this. - i have even tried removing the extra ide drive i wanted to add and it still does the same. I just cannot see what i have done.

    please help
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    Re: a7n8x-e deluxe

    Have you set the jumpers correctly (master/slave) and made sure you plugged in the drives correctly.

    Some drives have a Single Master setting and will need to be changed to Master since you added a slave drive.
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    sorry - will be more careful in future

    as for the first reply all jumpers have been set correctly - i have now managed to be able to boot to windows but with the cpu set as a xp1150 runnng at 1.4 ghz with fsb at 133

    i feel the cpu has gone and because of this now won't post
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    Turn off the PC and unplug the power supply. Wait 1 minute and do a cmos reset. (This is the manufacturers recommended method unless you have a CMOS reset from keyboard option. I do :) )

    Next disconnect all optical and hard drives (ribbon and power cables). Leave just the CPU, the video card and the ram connected.

    Turn on the power and see if it boots.

    If it runs completely through POST (power on self test) then the video card, ram, cpu and MB are ok.

    Now turn off power and reconnect the original HD. Boot again. See if the system boots into windows. If it starts booting into windows and then stops the windows installation was corrupted when you installed the new HD. You need to reinstall or repair install windows.

    You should not have to set the cpu or ram settings in your bios. When you do a cmos clear you tell the Bios to use auto detection for the CPU and RAM. It will use the correct settings.

    Note - if the IDE drive had a copy of windows installed on it also the windows on your first HD may have been corrupted. Install 2 HD's with copies of windows on them is a bad idea. Windows either gets confused or assumes you are running an illegal copy and sometimes corrupts the HD Track 0 data making both HD's unbootable.
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