Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Kiltergrend, Jan 30, 2002.

  1. Kiltergrend

    Kiltergrend Guest

    I have downloaded the Windows XP Aspi-Driver, but he don't work!
    When I want to install with "aspi.bat" I get the message "the system couldn't find the path" ...
    Please help me ... Hendrik
  2. MikeTasker

    MikeTasker Guest

    Copy all the files in the "files" folder to Windows\System32 and copy aspi32.sys to Windows\System32\Drivers folder. Then run aspi32.exe

    Mike Tasker
  3. Tek

    Tek Guest

    Since Windows XP supports zip files natively, double-clicking on a zip file (without installing Winzip or Winrar) will open it in a folder (but doesn't unzip it first.)

    Unzip the contents of the aspi layer found on this site first to a folder, then run the aspi.bat file.

    I did this and realized what I was doing. :)