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    I installed me self the XP IIS. And well it works fine except that when i try to access a file using an ASP page it just freezes and the page never loads. Yes i have enabled the write, read, etc properties. Below is the code i try to use:
    <%Option Explicit
    ' Set up Constants
    Const ForWriting = 2   ' Input OutPut mode
    Const Create = True    
    ' Dimension local variables
    Dim MyFile                       
    Dim FSO          ' FileSystemObject
    Dim TSO          ' TextStreamObject
    ' always use MapPath function to get the Physical Path of file
    MyFile = Server.MapPath("textfile.txt")
    Set FSO = Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
    Set TSO = FSO.OpenTextFile(MyFile, ForWriting, Create)
    TSO.write "This is first line in this text File" & vbcrlf      
    ' Vbcrlf is next line character
    TSO.write "This is Second line in this text file" & vbcrlf
    ' Now Function will write local time
    TSO.write "Writen by devasp visitor at " & Now()            
    TSO.WriteLine ""
    Response.Write " Three lines are writen to textfile.txt <br>"
    Response.Write " Local time at server is "  & Now()
    ' close TextStreamObject and 
    ' destroy local variables to relase memory
    Set TSO = Nothing
    Set FSO = Nothing
    And well...u guys got any ideas?
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    cut out the line

    MyFile = Server.MapPath("textfile.txt")

    and just put the path of the file in the open command

    Set TSO = FSO.OpenTextFile("c:\whatever\textfile.txt", ForWriting, Create)

    also try replaceing Set TSO = FSO.OpenTextFile(MyFile, ForWriting, Create)

    Set TSO = FSO.OpenTextFile(c:\whatever\textfile.txt", 8, True)

    do you know the line its crashing on? if not just put response.end after the first few lines then see if it freezes, if not move it a few lines and so on so you can find the exact line
  3. zatrix

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    thanx i'll try that.

    But i believe the problem came from:

    Set TSO = FSO.OpenTextFile(MyFile, ForWriting, Create)