Army vs Navy Football tradition

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    This post is for ThePatriot to remind him that out of the last 10 years Army has only won 3 times and that Navy has taken the historic lead in this rivalry by one game... See the wikipedia link below:

    Navy has won 16 of the games with one tie from 1976 to present... with an overall total game score differential of 355-95 in Navy's Favor...

    I would be glad to send the Excel spread sheet (of Army's Schlackings from then to now) to all those who want a view...


    Including you ThePatriot..

    disclaimer: I am 100% totally biased since I am a Navy Vet
    go navy!
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    ouch! That is not really fiair as Paul Johnson is pretty damn good...Although Ross shoould start making waves...
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    LOL, its just good ol fashioned Navy vs Army Jest...

    but the stats speak for themselves... if the history over the last 20 years is any indication, Navy will win although on paper I will admit I believe Army has the advantage... although I sadly have to say it looks as though they will have 3 more losses this year...

    TCU, Air Force, Navy and OBVIOUSLY ND will be tough tests for Army before they even reach Navy..