Are J B L Speakers any good?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by GammerX, May 11, 2002.

  1. GammerX

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    are Jbl speakers any good for a computer
  2. Taurus

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    i consider myself an audiophile, so i'll say that jbl generally makes very good speakers... hell, audio stuff in general. defintely better than altec lansing or other such mess. i'm a cambridge soundworks guy, but it pretty much all comes down to the cost:enjoyment ratio. :)
  3. omgsoup

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    check out the 200w, 4.1 surround sound logitech speakers (whatever their real name is) they cost around $200 ($179 in sunday's best buy advertisment) and i'm giong to get them when i build my new computer. i think they were reviewd at some point at, and, anyway, check them out.
  4. madmatt

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    JBL is the best in my opinion. My home entertainment system and car audio system are both powered using JBL. Nothing beats 'em.

    However, for my PC I have 5.1 Cambridge Soundworks and I am very happy with them.