Are all these services legit?

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    I am having problems on my computer with Windows Search not working, slowness of operation, certain applications not being able to access the internet, comodo security service refusing to start. i have tried many different cleaning programs and malware programs under advisement from someone at techspot, and nothing has been found.

    However I notice that booting into safemode solves almost everything. I have disabled almost everything in msconfig startup folder in normal windows and restarted, but no use. Then I looked at all the services running, and realized that I don't know if they are all legit. What do you guys think of this list? does anything pop out at you as being suspicious, or useless that I can disable to solve some of these problems?

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    Not sure as. Some I know are related to iTunes like the Bonjour Service. that said you can use Google to find out what they are and are related too though Nvidia Stereo I've got disabled. This site might be of use as well