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    One of the things I have been tasked with doing at work is finding a way of allowing several people on our WAN to view the same presentation in a Office Live meeting fashion in order to save on travel expenses etc.

    We do have a rather expensive Polycom system that uses 3 dual ISDN lines so during peak hours that can cost a little bit.

    What I need is an application that will allow each user in the meeting to see what one user is doing (voice chat is optional although would be a big bonus) but (!) without needing to use the internet.

    Obviously it doesn't really need to Microsoft software, but it would help with licencing! Here is what I have looked at so far:

    - Netmeeting. Present on all the WindowsXP machines on our domain. Very old. Does attempt to connect to the Microsoft Internet Directory. Not easy to use as the non-it managers will need to connect to the host via IP - which they won't know how to find.

    - Live Meeting Space. Present on Windows Vista so a future option. Didn't seem to pester for internet access and was able to autodiscover all local meetings currently in progress (when I say all I mean the one running on my test rig). Does not have audio options. A future possibility but we don't use Vista, yet.

    - SharedView. Beta. Does not have audio. Seems to want internet access? Part of Windows Live. We can't access Windows Live from the military lan.

    - Office Live Meeting. Would seem that you have to connect over the internet to the metting rather than creating a lan alternative? Damn shame as this is the daddy.

    Can anyone offer more insights or have other alternatives?
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