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    I don't use za, so this is all second hand from other sites...still it needs to be shared

    All of the latest Zone Alarm versions have Autoupdate checking ON, and no way to turn it off in the program itself.

    If you click the link in Preferences, the site tells you you can turn off background checking and make the program ask for permission before it checks for updates, but that's no sloution, as it produces popup asking for permission to check all the time anyway

    This registry hack not only turns the autocheck OFF, but replaces the line "Autoupdate is enabled for your protection" with the line "Update checks have been set to manual." ,,,it's supposed to

    make sure you're off line

    CLOSE ZA (important)

    windows key plus r, enter, paste;



    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Zone Labs\ZoneAlarm
    Back up (Export) the ZoneAlarm key just to be sure

    Click the ZoneAlarm key to open it
    Double-click CfgMain (in the right-hand pane) to open the config panel
    Down-arrow 5 times to the 0028 line
    Right-arrow 5 times, to the right of the 01
    Hit Backspace
    Now type 00 (That's two zeros, not two ohs)
    Click OK (to close the panel)
    Close Reg Editor
    Restart ZoneAlarm

    done, go back on line

    Check the "manual" setting in the Preferences panel.

    according to zonealarm this will be taken care of in future updates, but you can do this now if you want
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    dealer - TYVM - that's a very good post - especially from a non ZA user!;)
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    Good to know...thanks.
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    There's a new update available for all versions of Zone Alarm - updates to 4.5.538 (on the ZA freebie) and amongst other things - allows you to turn on or off the automatic update feature!

    <I have also read that it uses a smaller footprint and surfing speed has actually increased over the previous version>