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    Hi guys,

    I wonder if you can clear this up. In the UK AOL offers three broadband packages:

    . Silver (512)
    . Gold (1MB)
    . Premium (2MB)

    According to AOL you cannot use a router and the Silver service to share the internet between family members. Yet despite no router coming with the gold package, AOL also claims that you can with that service and with the supplied router that comes with the Premium service.

    I have brought a router/modem but I am not sure whether you can share AOL silver..anyone had any experience of trying to do this? Thanks for any information you ca give, it is much appreciated.
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    Knowing what I know about networking, you should be able to put a router in and "share" your IP address with numerous devices in your house/office. If AOL requires you to log in when you access the internet, a router can hold this info and do it automatically. I am not very familiar with AOL's service because, well, they are the anti-christ.
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    they are full of crap... plainly put...

    even with AOHELL dial-up you could share the connection by having the first PC act as the gateway...

    At anyrate, ANY connection high-speed or not, can be shared.

    Is this AOL connection a high-speed cable connection? DSL? WHat kind?

    More info please...
  4. Finder2001

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    Hi guys,

    Thanks very much for your replies, it really helps. Sorry for not getting back earlier.

    The connection would be an upgrade from the hell that is dial-up, to ADSL broadband (British Telecom line). I like the sound of AOL Gold, but I am not sure whether the Silver could be shared..from the replies I got from AOL, I got the impression that they really weren't interested in offering it even if it was technically feasible:

    "You will not be able to use the router with Silver broadband as to connect to AOL with router you have to configure the router with one screen name and sign on to AOL with another screen name at the same time...which is not possible in AOL silver price plan as AOL does not provide multiple logging in AOL silver price plan."

    The router I intend to use is a BT Voyager 2100 Wireless ADSL Modem/Router:

    I have been told that you can share dial-up with a router, but the way AOL works I'm not so sure especially with broadband. As Bootsy suggested perhaps the IP address could be shared (it's stored in the router, right?), with the router handling all the connection and authentication protocols.

    Thanks again guys for your kind help.
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    Multiple logins? Screen name? Sounds like they're talking about AIM... But then again I don't know AOL (I quote, "they are the anti-christ"). Plus we don't have them here. :)

    But seriously. It's DSL. So there can be two problems:
    1. PPPoE or alike with sign-ons to access the net. This isn't a problem, most routers can handle this.
    2. The NAT mechanism can cause the MTU to become too large if the DSL is using PPPoE. This isn't a problem. Many routers can set the MTU to a lower value.

    So in my opinion (based on "normal" networks, not AOL) is that it will work very well, but that AOL doesn't want you to (thus the talk of multiple logins not working, you only need one!).

    Now then. That router you mensioned has a built in DSL modem. This is all well and nice I suppose, but it means you won't be using the AOL modem (I presume you get one). Knowing (or not knowing) AOL, I'd say we should be careful here. It might be best just to use the AOL modem (if there is one) instead and use a regular router (without a DSL modem) daisy-chained to the modem. I.e. socket -- modem -- router -- computers.

    If there is no modem included from AOL, I suppose a DSL integrated router should be ok.
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    I've recently setup AOL Gold for a neigbouring family (I warned them against AOL, but they had already been sold on it).

    The router is used to make the connection with the main account
    On each PC, using the AOL software, you log on with your own screenname.

    I must warn you though, AOL only support a small number of routers. If yours isn't on the list, when (not if) you ring support they won't even contemplate helping you.
  7. ming

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    Forget AOL... go with Pipex or some other company.
  8. Finder2001

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    I really like the look of Pipex..they seem to be getting some decent feedback and their Q&A section openly states that you can use a router with their service. So within the first few second's I've cut straight to the chase and established that yes, maybe this wireless router will work.

    If I get no joy with the AOL techies I'll go with Pipex I think, the 1 Meg unlimited (aka 'Pipex 1000) ; I really like the flexibility of a monthly contract. I also considered Bulldog and Blue Yonder (who keeps promising faster connection updates).

    Choices, least those choices are narrowing down now and I can see some patterns emerging, i.e. 2 Meg broadband but capped, or 1 Meg unlimited. The kind of downloading I'd like to do would really benefit from unlimited I think ;-)

    So I have got my eye on these ISP's so far:

    . Pipex
    . Blue Yonder
    . AOL
    . Euro1Net
    . ASDL4Less

    Thanks for all your help so far, will let you know how I get on :)
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    if they say 1Meg unlimited I think they simply mean, a 1Meg pipe with unlimited access, dont confuse that with 1Meg pipe with an unlimited DL bandwidth you still get capped at 1Meg

    In short go with the 2Meg but whoever you go with ensure they have a warranty stating you get the max alloted bandwidth available...

    Happy ISP Hunting
    and Happy Holidays too!
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  11. tibboh

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    Back to your original question without a slagging match on AOL, I was on the Siver before being upgraded to Gold. AOL do not recommend many particular routers, but I believe most of them WILL work, but you may need to reset the MTU default to 1400 (as I did with my Belkin wireless router) then it works perfect.
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    Thanks tibboth,

    I've been with AOL dial-up (2 users sharing one phone line, one at a time) and have been very happy - the service has been fast and consistent, and the customer support very good.

    It's just that now, what with the price options coming up from other ISP's, there's more choice and possibly, more speed. I believe AOL state that they will only 'officially' offer support for Belkin and Thompson's a bit of a grey area. I note that my friend's broadband modem as supplied by AOL was made by BT as well.

    As Drawfdata recommended, I believe in order to share the connection my family would have to use the master screen name from the routers perspective, and each log into their own account individually (sorry if I am mistaken here).

    Alas the AOL contract ends soon and I have to make a choice (with so many ISP's around it took ages to go through all their offers! - a bit different to the way it was a few years ago in the UK!). I've narrowed the choice down to 1MB unlimited usage, or 2MB capped, sharing the internet with the router. Here's some deals I thought were good, as forwarded to me from a friend:

    . Pipex: 1 MB unlimited - £19.99 first 6 months then £23.99

    + Good reputation, support
    + 1 month min contract

    . AOL: 1 MB unlimited - £19.99 first 6 months then £24.99

    + Easy contract upgrade
    - Uncertainty over router compatibility

    . Euro1Net: 2MB unlimited - £16/mo

    + Good feedback on this site!
    - Price seems too good to be true

    . 2MB capped 6GB - £19.99/mo.

    + Switch to different (capped) tarrif at no extra cost

    Thanks for your tips on this issue, they've been a great help :)