AOL nealy blown my pc

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by xaz, May 12, 2002.

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    At the moment i am with freeserve and working fine. AOL sent me V7.0 disc with a month free. I thought i will try it, Installed it and followed the procedure.My god , when i reached the stage where AOL detecting my Azkey CNR modem, the pc shutdown and made a mess with some files. I have sent an E.mail to AOL, they sent me new procedure, and this procedure does not match what i am getting. My pc is Packard Bell Imedia (£1200) 4 months old. Would you beleive that this above modem is not in their list. Has any body has the same problem with installing AOL on windows XP. Cheers. :confused: XAZ
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    My 2P's worth :D

    Dont use AOhell, stick with freeseve. you'll be a lot happier.
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    AOl is well known for messing with system config's
    you should see the amount of ppl that bring there pcs in to Pc world to get them fixed most of the time, aol is installed and is causing the problem with there dial up or Broadband connection

    So AOL sux.